Tuesday, May 19, 2009


A few months ago one of our family members had their computer taken. This computer had her financial information, and other important information like usernames and passwords. She eventually got the computer back. About a week later, there was $1100 of charges to her PayPal account.

While I was visiting, I set her up with a LifeLock subscription. I also signed my wife and I, and our kids up for a sibscription.   I want to make sure that no one using any of our identies.  LifeLock does a few things for you

  • Sets up fraud alerts with the credit reporting agencies, and every 90 days.

  • Requests that subscribers names are removed from pre-approved credit offers

  • Requests that credit reports are sent every year.

  • Helps to contact banks if your wallet is lost or stolen

  • Helps to detect identity theft.

  • Will hire lawyers if you are ever a victim of identity theft

Most of those things you can do yourself.  I figure that paying LifeLock to do it for you, reduces the the things that I need to keep track of.

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