Sunday, April 26, 2009

Cars Soundtrack Sale

CarsAmazon is selling the Cars soundtrack
for $1.99.  The kids like this music, when ever they hear songs from the album, even the youngest one says "Lightning McQueen"

[via PC Stuff for the Average Guy!]


OnebyKathrynOtoshiThis week we bought the book One
, by Kathryn Otoshi.  This is a great book that talks about bullies.  The best thing about the book is the beautiful water color illustrations.  I would definitely recommend this book.

Y! Lil' Kidz Tunes

Our kids like to listen to Kids Place Live on XM Radio, while we are in the car.  At home we have purchased some kids music that we play in their rooms.  The kids have started to get tired of the music that we have (and so have we.)  We play Pandora on our Squeezeboxes, but unfortunately Pandora doesn't have children's music.

I was browsing the radio stations that we have on our Sqeezebox, and I found Y! Lil' Kidz Tunes.  This is one of Yahoo's children's radio stations.  The kids like it, I like it because I don't have to listen to the same songs over and over again.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


We are thinking about getting our kids a computer to replace the, now, non-functional iBook that they used to use.  Qimo looks interesting for our kids.  Qimo is a Linux distribution that has been customized for kids 3 and older.  The launcher has been customized to have larger icons, and comes preinstalled with games for kids.

You can run Qimo from the CD, so I will probably check it out before installing it.  One thing that I hope to be able to find is a modified browser where I can specify the sites where they can go, and it will ask for a password if attempting to navigate anywhere else.