Thursday, February 21, 2008

Safety at Toys "R" Us

I received this email from Toys R Us a few days ago.  It looks like they want to sell toys that are safer for children.  They are now going to have stricter standards for lead in toys.  Also toys with PVC and toys that contain nickel-cadmium batterys are going to be restricted.

I think that this is a great step, but this seems to be more of a marketing message than real change.  For example, they are making these requirments only for products that are made exclusively for Toys R Us.  How much of a change will this actually be?

  • How many manufacturers make products that are only sold through Toys R Us?  How many products will this affect?

  • Will products exclusively sold at stores owned by the company that owned by Toys R Us be included?  For example, if a toy is only sold at Babies R Us and Toys R U will it be required to meet the new requirements?

  • Since Amazon has partnered with Toys R Us, will the toys that are sold on Amazon complay with the new standards?


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