Saturday, November 3, 2007

The Wild

Yesterday evening, we had family movie night.  The kids picked out "The Wild" from Blockbuster.  This was a bad movie.  There are several things wrong with it, but the major problem that I have with it is that it really is just a knock-off of Madagascar the movie.

There are several other problems that I have:

  1. In the movie, a tugboat follwed an ocean going cargo ship to go across the Atlantic.  Tugboats are not meant to be ocean going ships.

  2. One of the minor story lines is that the lions ae trying to get there "inner lion", and the thing that they are trying is to "dig deeper".  The way that they are "digging deaper" is by making a louder/deeper roar.  I think that what is meant by "dig deeper" is to dig claws into prey annimals when bringing them down.


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