Sunday, July 25, 2010

Toy Story 3 Video game

Our son likes to have time where he can play video games with just me.  It is one of the things that we do in our father-son time. A few weeks ago, I got the Toy Story 3 video game for our Xbox 360, and I was saving it for the next time that we played video games.

A few days ago, when my wife was putting the girls to sleep, I showed the game to our son and mentioned that we could play for an hour, if he wanted to. He was very excited, about playing the game.

We had a great time playing the game.  He spent a lot of time, mining for gold, while I off on other missions.  We only played an hour, but there are some things that stand out about the game.

  1. The controls are easy enough for kids to not get frustrated with

  2. When playing with two people, it is a split-screen game, so even though each person might be on different areas of the map, you both can make progress.  (This a problem in the lego video games, where if the players don't stick together, one can get stuck at the edge of the viewable area of the map.)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

End of an Era

We have reached a milestone as parents, after almost 8 years, all of our kids are completly out of diapers and pull-ups now.  A few weeks ago, our youngest decided that she wanted to use the toilet whenever she wanted to go.

With this change, we won't need to keep a recepticle to keep the dirty diapers, our Costco trips will be smaller, and we could even potentially get a smaller garbage can from the city.

Now it will be easier to take family trips, as we won't have to worry about packing enough pull-ups.  But, we just have to make sure we are in range of a bathroom.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Smelly Locker: Silly Dilly School Songs

Smelly Locker is a fun book for kids where the words for common kids songs are changed to humorous stories about a kids life at school.  We got this book a few years ago for our son, as a fun book for him to read.

Our daughters asked me to read the book to them for bedtime. Reading the book was hilarious.  I had a hard time keeping the melody with the differences in the lyrics from the usual song, but the kids really enjoyed it.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Massively Multiplayer Online Game for Kids

Our son loves Legos.  He loves building the sets, and then coming up with his own creations and playing with them.  Lego has really been marketing their Lego Universe massively multiplayer online game, and have been including fliers with purchases from the Lego Store.

Of course, our son wanted to sign up.  We don't feel comfortable with any of our kids playing online.  We want to make sure that we know who they are communicating with, and with a MMOG, there is a level of anonymity that the game provides, and I am sure that people take advantage of it.   (They do state that they will be moderating the online play experience to make sure that kids stay safe.)

We talked with him about our concerns, and he understands why we won't let him play this game.  Maybe when he is older we will let him play online.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fatherhood and Expectations

Father's Day was this past weekend and I had a great time. Nothing really happened as planned, but I still had a good time.

We planned to take the kids to Toy Story 3 as a special treat for the kids. (Of course it was only for the kids, and I haven't been really excited about it since I heard that the movie was coming out last year. :-) ). We bought 5 tickets for the 3D version online so we would be sure that we could get in.

Because of nap time, and how long it took us to get out of the house, we didn't get there until 10 minutes before show time. The only seats that were still available were in the first two rows. The trailers were playing while we walked in, and they were a little loud. One of our daughters is sensitive to loud sounds, and she was very scared.  With the combination of the seating and the noise, we decided to leave the theater.

We then went to go for dinner, but every restaurant had about an hour wait. (We should have made reservations.) The kids were pretty restless, and wanted to go home or back to the movie.

We decided to go to a nice park instead. The kids had a good time. The older kids ran and chased each other, while I played with the youngest on the little kid playground.

When I was a new father, I would have wanted to have a "perfect" Father's Day, watching a movie and having a nice dinner. I may have been disappointed or upset that things didn't work out as planned. Honestly, I enjoyed the time that spent with them that day. We had a lot of fun at the park, and I am very lucky that I could spend it with my amazing wife. I can't imagine a better Father's Day.

Saturday, April 17, 2010


I mentioned RoboGames last year.  RoboGames will be at the San Mateo County Fairgound next weekend.  I think that the kids would have a blast here.